My Neighbour Has A Huge Cock - Bigger Than Mine

This story is built on their own experience, and emotions. My neighbor on the porch, let's call him Maxim, which always had friendly relations, was once invited to relax in the bathhouse, so to speak, under a birch broom and a beer with dried fish. Max was a great bather, finished in me so that I felt born again. However, I was slightly dumbfounded when I saw his cock. In the relaxed position, the member at the base had at least 8-9 cm [color=#000000][size=3][font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]diameter. True, I showed no species, however, when he came home told his wife Tamara. She and max were also familiar, he was repeatedly our guest, courteous and intelligent young man. A few years before that my wife and I have discussed the possibility of initiation of the second sex men, but further conversations business did not go. Was afraid of publicity and conversations. Especially in his small Northern town and especially in the entrance all in the mind. In General, in the course of the conversation Tamara agreed. Remained the question of how to tell max. I was hesitant, Tom was embarrassed. It took about six months. And it all happened on December 31. Maxim reached down to hold the old year. Word for word, alcohol. Tomar fluttered in his robe. And when she once again went to the kitchen for a snack Maxim said that I was lucky with my wife. Seeing that the wife he loves and with his eyes he devoured her, I also went out to the kitchen and told see tomochka., inviting her to go in the room and seduce him. It was evident that her eyes lit up, however, she began to make excuses, saying that I'll continue to accuse her of treason. I once again convinced her that he want it. I stayed in the kitchen to smoke. Smoking, but rather waited about half an hour, Tamara never left the room. I opened the door, noticed that the light dimmed, however, it is seen that the bed is disassembled and there are two naked bodies. I entered the room, he noticed that Tom's doing a Blowjob. They pulled away from each other and I saw that she is holding a huge monster. A member of Mexico was a length of about 24 cm, and thick as a bottle of champagne. Tamara trembles from this situation and asked me: San, I'll be shy, you wouldn't be able for some time to leave the apartment. And I'll call you. I agreed and left. There were no calls, so I had the New Year to go mark to the other, where he stayed for hours until 4 am. I came, I slowly opened the door, he heard hysterical sobbing wife. Looking into the room saw that she was riding to the Max. All over her body swept cramp, but it was evident that she gets pleasure. They did not notice me. Since I was already pretty drunk, then went to another room to sleep. Woke Tom up at about 9 am. With shining eyes gave me a Christmas present and said that max just left. To repeat what I told Tom it makes no sense, because during sex my penis fell into a gaping hole. After that, our meetings with Mexico became regular, he stayed overnight with us, even unbeknownst to the parents and sister of the wife, but that's another story.[/font][/size][/color]


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