The answers to the questions

Dear visitors! We have made every effort to make every user of our website can enjoy quality content for adults, however many of you often have questions. Here are the answers to the most frequent of them.

Why do I need to register on the site and what does it give me?

Registration will allow You to add your favorite posts to bookmarks

While online video viewing regularly stops and starts to load! What to do?

Most likely, the speed of Your Internet connection is not enough to view the movie in the selected format. For a start, close all programs that can aggressively use your connection, most often it is the torrent clients, download managers.

Please tell us about the quality of the clips, what's the difference?

  • 240p is The lowest quality picture, but the highest download speed. Perfect for slow Internet connections.
  • 360p medium quality pictures and is pretty fast loading video. Well suited for mobile and low bandwidth connections.
  • 480p Good quality pictures, the loading speed is high. Ideal for mobile and fast home Internet connections at speeds of 3-5 mbps.
  • 720p High picture quality, load speed is average. Suitable for fast mobile > 7 mbps, and for high-speed Internet at home.
  • 1080p Excellent picture quality, requires high-speed Internet coedine. For mobile networks is 4G.
  • 2160p Requires a quality high-speed Internet channel and modern powerful computer. To view the content of this quality connection speed should be no lower than 18 mbps.

I have a question, comments on the site where to turn? Please

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